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Supplier Evaluation & Management

Supplier Evaluation
If the sourcing requirements are found to be feasible for your product, we move on to evaluate the supplier's capability to supply based on your specifications and budget.

Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP)
Detailed survey questionnaires developed as a result of numerous supplier interactions over the years; Qaizen Group provides these questionnaires to prospective suppliers thereby helping you gauge the suppliers' capability.

Bid Tabulation
Our team provides you a detailed tabulation and analysis of the bids placed by prospective suppliers, making it effortless for you to study the market, competitors, and the price.

Capability Assessment
We will perform an organizational and competency assessment of the suppliers to help you assess the supplier's capacity to deliver on your requirement.

Supplier Score Card Matrix
A comprehensive score card developed by performing an objective pricing vs. capability analysis of the vendors, which means that you can readily decide on the best vendors.

Supplier Due Diligence
Once the suppliers are shortlisted, we evaluate the credibility of the suppliers to see if they have the infrastructure, know-how, certifications, and policies in place to supply as per their proposal.

Supplier Compliance
A prospective supplier has to have the necessary licenses and be compliant with the required regulations to be a credible option. Our analysts have the technical background and the industry awareness to assess a supplier's compliance.

IP Audit
What measures does the prospective supplier have in place to ensure your product idea, specifications or production processes, essentially, your intellectual property are protected and not illegally siphoned? Our analysts will verify the business and production processes of the supplier to ensure they provide the utmost protection for your intellectual assets.

Supplier Risk Analysis
A supplier who is good on paper might not necessary be as good when the production begins. We counter this risk by conducting a thorough assessment of the supplier to understand any factors that might jeopardize the supplier's ability to deliver upon the requirement.

Supplier Selection
With the technical evaluation complete, you have decided you want to forge a business relationship with the supplier. We formalize the relationship by negotiating and executing the contracts. With the legal paper work in place, the supplier is on-boarded and the procurement commences.

Terms & Conditions Negotiations:
The terms of any deal should be preserved in a contract; this compels the supplier to deliver upon the promises. Our industry expertise helps us negotiate and put in place the optimum agreement between you and the supplier with strict liabilities for non-performance.

Sample Coordination & Approval:
We will carry out the production of a sample with the supplier once we have the detailed drawings and specifications for the product. This includes the coordination for a process method, sample, and final approval of the design for bulk manufacturing.

Selection & Recommendation:
Who is the best supplier? Do you choose based on price quoted, capability, production processes, or their compliance history? We can recommend a supplier who matches your business and financial requirements based on an assessment of factors relevant to the particular product category and industry.

Supplier Management
We will regularly monitor the supply process and inspect the quality to ensure that the agreed standards of quality and delivery are being adhered to.

Transaction Management:
Once a supplier relationship is in place, our team can take care of the tasks such has purchase order management, delivery tracking, and payments processing with one or multiple suppliers.

Performance Monitoring:
Is the supplier abiding by the factors evaluated during the due diligence phase? Qaizen Group will monitor and report on the performance of the suppliers to ensure they comply with the obligations agreed upon.

Quality Inspections:
It is imperative that quality inspection be conducted on the production process and the end product before it is shipped out to the customer. We will schedule quality inspection visits at supplier sites to eliminate the number of defects in the product before it is shipped.

Documentation Tracking:
The documentation needed from the production phase to the shipment phase can be numerous and thorough tracking of these is critical to ensure timely deliveries. We track and document packing lists, quality certifications, and shipping and airway bills on your behalf to ensure there is no delay in the system.