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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Analysis
Are you at the initial stages of considering the viability of a new supplier or manufacturer for an existing product or one to be produced? Qaizen Group will help you through this confusing stage with strategic sourcing analysis by researching the feasibility of sourcing and providing you with general cost estimates to accomplish your requirements.

Feasibility Analysis
Whether you are envisioning a new product venture or wish to unearth the strengths and weaknesses of your existing product, Qaizen Group helps you analyze your prospects for success with detailed studies on the economic, legal, and operational feasibilities.

Supplier Identification
Identifying the right suppliers is often what makes or breaks your business. With in-depth knowledge of the regional and industry-specific requirements, our due diligence ensures that you pick out the most suitable supplier from even the most fragmented segments.

Risk and Opportunity Evaluation
Analyzing the threats and the opportunities are the key elements for successful planning and development of your business process. Our comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis guarantees to provide the formulae for success.

Cost Saving Analysis
Benefits and costs of a project are systematically calculated and compared to determine your investment feasibility.

Procurement Back Office Services
A company’s procurement division has the daunting task of cutting costs as well as identifying and maintaining quality supplies across diverse categories in a timely manner. Time and qualified resources are of essence to such organizations.

Qaizen Group has targeted offerings for large corporates with established procurement processes and systems. We will work with your procurement team and assist them in optimizing your supply chain, bring efficiencies to your processes thereby resulting in overall reduction in spend.
Our qualified analysts are familiar with various tools such as SAP, Odoo, Zoho, Oracle and processes such as e-auctions and e-procurement. We can supplement your existing team or function as your Asia sourcing office.

DEMAND MANAGEMENT: We provide focused services for dynamic inventory optimization using real-time data assessment techniques.

PURCHASE ORDER MANAGEMENT: We will be involved in the streamlined management of your Purchase Orders right from requisition to sourcing.

FULFILLMENT: Our team will ensure effective fulfillment by maximizing the demand driven supply chain elements for on-time deliveries.

VENDOR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: We will measure the vendor performance, analyzing the key parameters and manage the process to ensure seamless delivery and achievement of higher operational efficiencies.

SPEND ANALYSIS: We will provide a detailed visibility on the spend and the points of concern and thereby enable effective decision making.

PAYABLES: Our team can set up and manage processes to address payment of vendors.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: We will efficiently negotiate the terms and conditions with vendors and other contractors as well as monitor amendments, renewals, and SLAs.

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