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Ever since we opened for business, we have enhanced and expanded our bouquet of Sourcing and Supply Chain Management services that spreads across all major business domains. We serve our customers from a Asia wide network of customer service centers. The professional workforce, synchronized processes, and centralized ERP system enable us to provide best-in-class service levels. Our customer service unit is dedicated to problem solving and sorting out special requirements and demands of our customers related to sourcing from Asia.

Today, no other sourcing company understands Asia better than we do.


qaizengroup is one of Asia’s leading Sourcing & Supply Chain Management company. From our offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we have created a network to purchase quality products and services at competitive prices and provide end-to-end services to our customers through sourcing from Asia, contract management, legal compliances, warehousing and distribution services. We serve our clients with:


• Construction & Building Materials

• Home Automation

• Product Identification and procurement

• Sourcing services and purchase agent

• Purchase of office space

• Factory sourcing, audits & evaluations

• Price negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers

• Product development, sampling and assessment

• Brand & package design

• Production oversight and order management

• Quality control

• Logistics – Operations Planning, Shipping, Warehousing

qaizengroup provides high-quality services from the pursuit, selection and authentication of dealers and manufacturers all the way up to quality assurance, cost negotiation, raw material acquisition, product development, shipping and logistics, customs clearance and more.

Our specialised Sourcing, Legal, Contract Management and Supply Chain Management teams seek to explore market opportunities and consequently implement outstanding resourcing strategies, thereby ensuring that quality products and services are delivered where you want - when you want.


qaizengroup searches buyers and sellers on behalf of its clients so that our clients are able to select the very best. We also help our clients with price negotiation so that they can strike great deals. In the process we eliminate all the problems that clients face when they have to deal with Local Suppliers, Sourcing Agents and Online Marketplace Companies like Alibaba and Amazon.

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We work with all the stakeholders on behalf of our clients. We provide custom made services so that our clients get a bespoke experience. Determining the best eprocurement tools and systems for your organization? We will design a step-by-step process for online sourcing and negotiation.

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