An import business can be lucrative, but never easy. The internet is flooded with suppliers from all over. Searching, selecting and verifying a vendor can be quite a task. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Price negotiation, quality control, raw material acquisition, product development, logistics etc. can be quite a can of worms.

That's where qaizengroup steps in – to carry your can!

We are a specialized China sourcing company that represents your business throughout the Supply Chain. We have helped businesses of all sizes take advantage of product sourcing from China. Our specialized services not only help you find the right suppliers for your business, but also ensure that you get the right price and quality from them.

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Product Categories

Tools & Hardware

Find various domestic, industrial, gardening and automotive tools and hardware including lockers, carpentry tools, machinery and much more.

Home Automation

Cater to the needs of modern smart homes with air-conditioning systems, CCTV surveillance systems, intelligent lighting systems, wireless audio systems and all the latest from the world of consumer electronics.


Get the best quotes for home and commercial furnitures. We can help you with a wide range of craftsmanship that will enhance a residential or office space.


Office, bedroom, party room. Loud, soft, bold. Expensive, budget. No one light fits all occasions. Let us help you reflect the mood.


We bring you home and office decor that tell the tale of the space. Get informed with numerous suppliers of artefacts, souvenirs and accessories.

Seasonal Giftware

Seasonal gifts are not available round the year and run off the shelves when they are. We provide you authentic suppliers who can handle bulk orders.